July 22, 2024

Ukraine has brought four Ukrainian children together with their families back from the temporarily occupied territories.

Source: Mykola Kuleba, founder of the Save Ukraine fund

Quote: “Russian soldiers have started to threaten parents saying they would take away their children and their house and deport them. So the family was obliged to send the children to a Russian school.

At school, Ukrainian newbies were forced to wrap a Russian flag around them and wear it until the end of the classes. When some children got tired of it and asked for permission to take it off, the teacher agreed. But an armed Russian soldier started scolding children for “not loving Russia” right away.”

Details: Kuleba added that the children had to go to a Russian school for four days, and then they were evacuated. The families managed to cross the Ukrainian border and will undergo psychological rehabilitation.

In total, the team of Save Ukraine has brought 204 children back from Russia and temporarily occupied territories.

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