July 15, 2024

Persistent Ukrainian strikes on the facilities of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet are forcing Moscow to look for alternative base locations for its navy, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Nov. 14.

Addressing inquiries about Russia’s declared intentions to establish a naval base in occupied Abkhazia, Georgia, Stoltenberg underscored that NATO firmly supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia. He reiterated NATO’s refusal to accept the use of Georgia’s occupied regions by Russia to pursue its objectives.

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“This is a violation of Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and demonstrates the lengths to which Russia is willing to go in order to achieve its military objectives in Ukraine,” said Stoltenberg.

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“It also shows that the Ukrainians have been successful in their attacks on naval facilities in Crimea, leading Russia to look for alternatives. It underscores the achievements of the Ukrainians in challenging Russian naval power.”

Earlier in November, Ukrainian intelligence reported that an attack by surface drones in Crimea resulted in the destruction of two small Russian landing ships.

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