July 15, 2024

Ukraine’s Defence Ministry is working to supply the Ukrainian Armed Forces with 100% Ukrainian-made personal armoured vests, helmets, tactical gear, clothes, and food.

Source: Ukrainian Defence Ministry’s report on the outcome of the meeting between Defence Ministry officials and Ukrainian business owners

Details: According to the report, quality and competitive prices remain the key factors in Defence Ministry’s procurement decisions.

Business owners said they were prepared to supply the Ukrainian Armed Forces with quality goods.

During the meeting, the parties also discussed ways to make the state-business cooperation more consistent and predictable in order to help businesses plan their expenditures in line with the Defence Ministry contracts.

The Defence Ministry has recently created a new State Logistics Operator to oversee the supply of clothing, food, fuel and lubricants, armoured vests, helmets and tactical gear to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2024.

The agency is currently preparing to enter into its first food procurement contracts.

Previously: On 10 November, Arsen Zhumadilov, general director of the State Logistics Operator, said that one of the first purchases the agency will make will be tourniquets.

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