July 15, 2024

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba believes that Ukraine and Poland will definitely get out of the current crisis in relations.

Source: European Pravda, citing Kuleba’s interview with Interfax-Ukraine

Details: Kuleba was asked if he sees any chance of getting out of the economic and political crisis in relations with Poland in the near future, or if it is more likely after the elections are over.

Quote from Foreign Minister: “The odds are inevitable. History, the future and security simply leave us no choice but to escape this crisis. We did not create this crisis, and we are absolutely determined to end it.”

Details: At the same time, Kuleba expects that by 15 October – the day of parliamentary elections in Poland – “the temperature may still rise”, but stressed that “we are determined to be constructive”.

“We are working with the European Commission. We have sent clear signals to Poland about our commitment to a constructive solution to this situation. We do not need this grain war, nor does Poland,” Kuleba emphasised.

Details: Kuleba added that he sees a serious threat in the current situation of relations with Poland; not the grain dispute, for which a solution will be found, but the spread of the narrative about Ukraine’s alleged ungratefulness for help.

The Foreign Minister emphasised that this is “an outright lie” because “Ukraine is very sincerely and deeply grateful to the Polish people and the Polish government, which stood by the shoulder and opened its arms from the beginning of the Russian aggression”.

He added that Ukrainians “said it 100 times, and we will say it 100 more times.”

“But the fact that the narrative about the ungratefulness of Ukraine and Ukrainians is planted in the heads of Poles can actually have extremely negative consequences for security. And not only for relations between our peoples but for the security of Europe in general, the security of Poles, the security of Ukrainians first of all. Therefore, I am more concerned about the fight against this imposed and false narrative than the issue of grain. Because the grain problem can be solved if there is a desire to solve it. We have such a desire,” Kuleba emphasised.


  • Earlier, it was reported that Poland is still evaluating Ukraine’s proposals regarding the licensing of agricultural goods, but has a generally positive attitude about them.

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