July 13, 2024

Ukrainian defence industry firms have shown their high-level performance during the first Defence Industries Forum held in Kyiv on 29 September, signing 20 agreements with foreign partners.

Source: Ukrinform, with reference to Oleksandr Kamyshin, Ukraine’s Minister of Strategic Industries

Details: “More than 20 agreements of various levels have been signed today. The crucial thing is that the Forum has given Ukrainian firms an opportunity to meet international [firms] and set up joint projects. [It has also given] foreign firms [an opportunity] to realise that we have good firms that can manufacture NATO-grade weapons,” Kamyshin said.

He added that Ukraine is in urgent need of all types of weapons and military equipment, from artillery shells to drones, in the second year of the full-scale war.

“We are ramping up our production capability by a lot every month; this year we have seen a significant increase. But we still need a lot of time to reach the level of self-sufficiency so that we can cover the needs of our defence forces entirely by ourselves,” Kamyshin remarked.

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