July 22, 2024

On Wednesday 27 September, the US Treasury Department announced new sanctions against five companies and two individuals from Iran, China, Türkiye and the United Arab Emirates that facilitate the supply of components for Iran’s drone program.

Source: European Pravda with reference to the announcement of the US Department of Treasury

Details: According to the US, a network of companies and individuals facilitated deliveries and financial transactions in support of the purchase of servo motors, a critical component used in Iranian Shahed-type drones.

Among others, the US blacklisted the Iranian company Pishgam Electronic Safeh Company, which purchased thousands of servo engines for UAVs worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and its leader Hamid Reza Janghorbani.

Sanctions were also applied to a company from Hong Kong, which fulfilled several orders for servo motors worth more than a million dollars, and its representative Fan Yang, as well as two Turkish firms and one from the UAE, which contributed to Iran’s financial operations.

This is the ninth round of US sanctions against Iran’s Shahed drone program, designed to stop Tehran’s illegal activities and discourage it from further armed support to Russia.

It is known that Iran supplies Russia with UAVs Shahed-136 to continue its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. One of the servo motors purchased through the exposed network was found in the remains of a recently downed Russian Shahed-136 drone in Ukraine, launched by Russia.

On Monday 25 September, the US Department of Commerce announced trade restrictions against 11 Chinese and 5 Russian companies, accusing some of them of supplying components for production of drones for the Russian army. Some of them previously appeared in a journalistic investigation about components for Russian Orlan-10 drones.

Earlier, the US Department of the Treasury announced sanctions against a network of companies from Iran, China, Russia and Türkiye that facilitated the smuggling of components for the production of Iranian aircraft and drones.

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