July 19, 2024

A Los Angeles homeowner with a concealed carry permit turned the table on two gunmen who attempted to rob his house by throwing scalding tea in one of the perp’s faces and then chasing them away with gunfire.


“Every single person that I know has gotten stuck up,” LA entrepreneur Vince Ricci said. “It’s not normal.” The gunmen snuck up on him as he was entering his residence:

Ricci said he was returning to his gated Los Angeles home Saturday evening after hitting the gym when two armed men jumped his fence and tried to force their way into his home.

“Out of nowhere, boom, I had a gun to my back. And there was another guy running up at the same time and I couldn’t really make out what he was saying,” Ricci said recounting the terrifying incident. 

The attempted home invasion unfolded just before 7:30 pm, when Ricci’s wife, her friend and the family’s nanny were inside the home cooking dinner and putting Ricci’s nearly 5-month-old daughter to bed.

Thinking quickly, Ricci remembered that his tea was too hot to drink, so he tossed it in one of the bad guy’s faces. Bet that felt good. “It was burning my hand and I couldn’t wait to go into the house and put honey in the tea so I could drink it,” the homeowner said. “I f***ing slammed him in the face.”

Then he pulled out his weapon and fired off several shots. 



Ricci said that he’s no “John Wick, but I can handle myself decently well.” He also said that the security footage made the space look larger than it actually is:

Ricci described the two suspects as males likely in their early 20s. He also noted that the corridor to his front door appears large in the video, but that he and the suspects were just feet from each other in an area that is only five-and-a-half feet wide.

A different view of the footage from the home’s gated driveway shows the suspects retreating from Ricci’s gunfire, with one jumping over a fence, and the other running around a car on the driveway.

“The one kid shot one, the other kid shot twice. And then after that, they hopped over the fence, they continued to keep shooting at me,” he said.

The Bronx, New York native also said that he might have been killed had he not had his gun. 

“It saved our lives,” he said. “I’m a tough guy … but there’s only so much I could do against a gun. They would have pistol-whipped me, they would have pistol-whipped my wife. They would have come in the house and there’s nothing in my house.”

He said he and his wife speculated that if it were not for the gun, the suspects would have made entry, found nothing of great value to steal and potentially “tortured” the young family. 

Ricci also wasted no words when discussing soft-on-crime LA Country District Attorney George Gascón, who is notorious for letting criminals off easy and catering to criminals rather than their victims. Most recently, a suspect was caught on tape attempting to sexually assault a woman walking down the street in Long Beach—but the George Soros-backed “prosecutor” couldn’t be bothered to file felony charges, instead opting for a misdemeanor count. Ridiculous.


Ricci: “This Gascon is screwing [the cops] so much, that he’s not gonna to take up the case either way. Even if they find these kids … Gascon’s not gonna care they were shooting at some white guy,” he said.

Our cities have become war zones under progressive policies, leftist district attorneys, and the “defend the police” movement. Unfortunately, we’re likely to see more and more stories like this. Here’s what we’ve covered on Sunday alone so far:

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