July 14, 2024

Turning Point USA founder and president Charlie Kirk is no stranger to anger, especially from young activists. The rumor of his appearing at a University is like the kicking of a wasp hive and once he appears, the swarming begins. 


Kirk’s recent appearance at Northern Arizona University was no different. Even before he got there, students had signs in windows with messages like “fascists f*** off” and “trans rights = human rights.” The irony isn’t lost on anyone that the people calling figures like Kirk a fascist are the ones trying to shut down the speech of others. 

Before Kirk’s arrival, protesters had already begun to gather like a welcome party. As you can see in the video, they were chanting slogans like “trans lives matter.” 

Once Kirk did arrive, the mob began screaming at Kirk relentlessly, including the chant “f*** you fascist.” Kirk’s security detail can be seen surrounding him in order to stop the hostile crowd following him around campus from trying to get close.

*language warning* 


At one point, Kirk seems to have tried to engage the crowd but the screaming was so loud that whatever was being said couldn’t be overheard. 

“When you send your kids to America’s colleges and universities, you’re playing Russian Roulette with their values and their future,” Kirk posted in relation to the moment. 

Despite all the anger and screaming, this is relatively tame compared to the reception Kirk got at UC Davis in California. Antifa made an appearance and were forced into handcuffs by police. At one point, rioters began breaking windows and doors in the building where Kirk was speaking. 

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At this point, the overt and irrational anger from students over the appearance of someone like Kirk indicates that the education these kids are getting at colleges is as much of an education as it is political conditioning. As Kirk noted in his X post, it’s a game of “Russian Roulette.” The probability that your kid will be swayed to the left is high, provided you’ve not invested a lot of time and effort into teaching them how to guard their minds and hearts. 


It brings up the question about the purpose of colleges at this point, though. Unless the idea is to become something that requires extensive training and education, the idea of sending a kid off to an overly expensive place that ends up being more of an ideological conditioning center than a place of higher education seems less than wise. 

Seeing as how parents and concerned citizens are tackling public schools and cleaning out the filth they find there, maybe it’s time we also start seriously looking at the hive of radicalism that universities and colleges have become. 

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