July 13, 2024

From the United States to Europe, Western leaders have spent the last few weeks calling for a “pause” so that “humanitarian aid” can be driven into the Gaza Strip. 


How naive is that? A new piece of video illustrates that it’s incredibly naive. 

Hamas “police” can be seen hitting Gazans as they try to get food from the truck, which is painted in UN white, though that may just be a coincidence. In one frame, something that resembles a machete is swung. 

Where’s the food heading? It’s heading to feed Hamas fighters as they hide in their tunnels like the weak betas they are. This is the reality of “humanitarian aid” in regard to Gaza. Western leaders continue to pretend otherwise, either because they are vapid or because they are willfully dishonest. It’s easier for Joe Biden to talk about a pause than stand up for what’s not just right, but what is reality.

That’s really what it comes down to. Political cowardice is what drives every call for more  “aid” to Gaza. It’s not based on an actual expectation that the people that need it will get it. Biden may be senile but his handlers are smart enough to know where the money, food, and fuel are going to end up. They don’t care, though, because if they fully support Israel’s right to destroy Hamas, they’ll receive global pushback. 


This is, again, why Israel has to ignore all the noise. That isn’t just for Israel’s good, it’s for those in Gaza as well. Because the international pro-Palestinian propaganda machine is so overwhelming, you almost never hear about the mistreatment of civilians by Hamas. None of the anti-Israel protests going on in major cities chant about their atrocities. They are real, though, and there’s a reason people live far better in the West Bank than in Gaza.

None of this stops until Hamas is destroyed.

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