July 22, 2024

We’ve seen a lot of ugliness from the anti-Israel activists in New York City, including things like trying to kick in the doors of Grand Central Station as well as ripping down the American flag and replacing it with the Palestinian one on the eve of Veterans Day. 


In amongst all the bad we’re seeing from the leftist anti-Israel activists, I would be remiss if I didn’t note the reemergence of an old, familiar voice. Familiar, not in a good way. 

Sarsour has remarks from the past week that are going viral because they seem to hit every antisemitic trope they can. She was speaking in New York City about those kidnapping posters that have been put all over the city to remind people about the innocent people who are still being held hostage by Hamas. They include pictures of babies and grandmothers. Yet the images are too much for some who hate. We’ve seen instance after instance of people ripping them down. Something is wrong with you when you are ripping down a poster seeking to recover a kidnapped baby. 

But according to Sarsour, the problem isn’t the people ripping down the posters as much as the “provocateurs” putting up the posters trying to make the people rip them down to get them into trouble. Guess who the provocateurs are. “They” are everywhere. 

She reminds the “good people” there are “provocateurs all across the city.” 

“And what they’re waiting for you to do is to waste your energy ripping down their little posters so they can record you and try to get you fired from your job,” Sarsour declared. She tells the “good people” not to be “hoodwinked” by these provocateurs to do something that’s going to get them in trouble. 


Then Sarsour really went over the edge. “They have their little people all around the city. Trust me, I know them. I’ve got a radar for them…You think they are ordinary people. Trust me when I tell you they are everywhere. They’re on your college campus. They’re outside the supermarket. They’re outside Grand Central Station. So stay focused and do not be distracted by the opposition.” 

Yikes. “They” are everywhere? Who is “they,” Linda? And she has a “radar” for them? Did she just say she has a radar to spot Jews? And, of course, the evil people to her aren’t the “good people” who would rip the posters down; it’s the people who put them up. Somehow, caring about kidnapped babies is “provoking.” And she’s telling these good folks not to rip the posters down, not because it’s wrong and evil to do something like that, but because they might get in trouble. 

This may be some of the worst antisemitic bilge that she’s ever spilled, and that’s saying something. This is the same “lady'” whom the Obama administration recognized as a “Champion of Change.”


She’s for some kind of change, alright. But this is who Democrats have embraced and even honored. 

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