July 14, 2024

A disturbing video from Hazlebrook Middle School in Oregon went viral on Thursday that showed a male student who identifies as female violently assaulting a girl in a school hallway. 


The footage shows the male student dressed as a girl taking the girl by surprise, grabbing her by her backpack, and throwing her backward before grabbing her and forcibly jerking her around by the head. The boy then repeatedly punches her before shouting expletives at her. 

The boy walks away leaving the girl sobbing as she gets to her feet, panicking so badly that she says she can’t breathe. 

The video, originally posted to X by champion swimmer turned women’s sports activist Riley Gaines is difficult to watch, but if you want to see it yourself you can play it below. 

It seems the attack was pre-meditated as there are different angles showing the sudden attack with various students recording before it happened. 

Gaines posted a second video showing that this particular trans student has assaulted girls before. In another video, the student can be seen pushing a girl to the ground in the school gym before getting into a fistfight with the girl’s friend. 


It is currently unclear when these assaults took place.

Gaines posted the telephone number of the school, which many of her followers said they called. While some got a busy signal, one user claimed that he got through to a secretary who seemed “overwhelmed” but claimed the district was going to do something about it. 

As of this writing, the school district has not released a statement about the incidents nor has anything yet been announced as to what has happened to the male student who assaulted these girls. 

Whether or not the matter has already been handled and the student has already been punished is also not clear, but given the fact that this student had already committed an assault on a girl before assaulting another, it leaves some speculating that the school is either not punishing the student enough to make a difference or they’re not punishing him at all.


The Tigard-Tualatin school district which Hazelbrook Middle School falls under seems very accommodating to its transgender students. According to The Oregonian, the school district implemented unisex bathrooms in order to cater to its transgender students: 

Each middle and high school in the Tigard-Tualatin School District will have one unisex bathroom this fall, in response to concerns from transgender students.

The move, the first of its kind in Washington County, involves few changes. An existing single-stall restroom, likely a staff one, will be designated as gender neutral and made available to all students at each school.

RedState will update this story when more information becomes available. 

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