July 15, 2024

There has been crazy rain in the New York City area that resulted in massive flooding across the city on Friday. 

According to Accuweather, more than 8.4 inches had fallen by mid-afternoon on Friday near JFK Airport. 


But that led to some big problems in the horribly run city of New York where they don’t have great drainage, apparently, and they declared a state of emergency. Our friends at Townhall got some, and I found others that show you how wild this was. 

It was raining in the subway. 

It looked like a waterfall at the Grand Army Plaza stop in Brooklyn. 


It was even flooding in buses. 

If you lived in a basement apartment in Brooklyn, you were in deep trouble and you were going to need some help. 

LaGuardia Airport was flooded, at least in one terminal. Paging Joe Biden, who just told New York City to drop dead over illegal aliens, how has the “infrastructure” here been solved when you have issues like this? 


There were even reports about sea lions escaping from the Central Park Zoo because of rising water. 

There was a grain of truth in it, but it wasn’t quite true. A sea lion did manage to get out of her normal pool enclosure and have a bit of a holiday in the greater area around the enclosure. But apparently, zoo workers had eyes on her, and she never actually “escaped” from the zoo, as the viral reports claimed. She explored a bit and then went back to her enclosure.

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