July 13, 2024

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, has emphasised that Ukraine’s Defence Forces will respond to Russian attacks on Kherson and the oblast.

Source: Zelenskyy’s evening address

Quote: “Of course, our security and defence forces will respond to the Russian army’s attacks on Kherson and the villages in Kherson Oblast. This is how it always happens.

This week has shown that in the Black Sea, in the territory of Crimea, and anywhere else, we will repel the occupier. Glory to all our guys who are bringing justice back to Ukraine in this way!”

Details: Zelenskyy recalled that 11 November is the anniversary of the liberation of Kherson.

The president also noted that the day before, he signed a decree on state awards for the soldiers and civilians who distinguished themselves while defending Kherson Oblast.

Background: Russian occupying forces have attacked the city of Kherson on Saturday, 11 November, at around 15:00 and hit a house belonging to Ihor Yosypenko, a member of Kherson Oblast Council from the European Solidarity party faction.

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