June 25, 2024

While Democrats in the U.S. Congress continue their infighting over how members of AOC’s anti-Israel “Squad” responded to news of the Hamas government’s terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians, there are Democrats at state levels who are also displaying Squad-like tendencies even in the midst of confirmed reports of beheaded babies being found during door to door searches in Israel.


On Tuesday, a resolution was introduced in the North Carolina House that noted the long alliance between the U.S. and Israel and also called for Congress “to offer full and unequivocal support of Israel financially and otherwise for as long as it takes for Israel to bring justice” in response to the attacks.

Though overwhelming bipartisan support is a rare thing in the NC General Assembly, the resolution passed 104-0.

On the bill look-up page, it indeed shows 104 votes in favor and no “no” votes. But it also shows something else. There were four excused absences that day, and the number 12 was listed under the “not voting” section.

As it turns out, the 12 House lawmakers who didn’t vote that day on the resolution were Democrats who were in fact present at the state legislature, but who got up and walked out during the vote:

The official House record records the following Democrats as “not voting”: Rep. John Autry of Mecklenburg County; Rep. Amber Baker, Forsyth; Rep. Gloristine Brown, Pitt; Rep. Kanika Brown, Forsyth; Rep. Maria Cervania, Wake; Rep. Terence Everitt, Wake; Rep. Pricey Harrison, Guilford; Rep. Nasif Majeed, Mecklenburg; Rep. Marcia Morey, Durham; Rep. Renee Price, Orange; Rep. Diamond Staton-Williams, Cabarrus ; and Rep. Julie von Haefen, Wake.


Here’s a photo of some of them sitting outside the chamber:

Republican Rep. Erin Paré, who was one of the primary co-sponsors of the resolution, issued this statement in response:

“It is unconscionable to me that Democrats have become so extreme that they walked out and refused to vote on a resolution condemning the slaughtering of children and raping of women,” said Rep. Paré. “Their shameful actions have sent a terrible message to not only the people of Israel, but all of America’s allies across the world.

“When I spoke on the floor, I expressed my strong hope that we could come together as a body to support Israel and stand up against the evil and heinous actions of Hamas. Sadly, these twelve Democrats chose to turn their back and walk out in shame. While they chose to side with terrorists who murdered innocent babies, the people of North Carolina will always stand with Israel and against terrorism.”


On the Senate side, while there were no walk-outs, four NC Senate Democrats reportedly refused to sign on to a Senatorial Statement that expressed support for Israel and a condemnation of Hamas:

In response, NC Republican Senators Danny Earl Britt, Jr., Warren Daniel, and Buck Newton (all Judiciary Chairmen) issued the following statement:

“You would think that every member of the Senate would support a Senatorial Statement standing against the beheading of babies, the murder and rape of women, and the slaughtering of innocent teenagers attending a music festival, but that is not the case. Why have these Democrats chosen to hide behind silence as the terrorist group Hamas commits crimes against humanity, including the execution of civilian hostages? How much more evil do they need to see before they denounce Hamas? Full unity around this issue allows us to send the strongest message of support for our ally Israel and opposition to barbaric violence being committed by Hamas.”

“Gov. Roy Cooper, Attorney General Josh Stein, and North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Anderson Clayton must swiftly denounce the silence of these Democrats, and make clear where the Democratic Party stands on this issue.”


The North Carolina Democratic Party has in recent years been gripped by a growing strain of anti-Israelism within its ranks, as evidenced by a series of resolutions they adopted in 2022:

Tension over Israel is not new to North Carolina politics. Last year, the state’s Democratic Party at its annual convention in Durham adopted a series of similarly controversial resolutions, which accused Israel of “apartheid” and called for “targeted sanctions, including travel bans and asset freezes,” against Israelis.

More anti-Israel resolutions were introduced in the spring of 2023, but in the aftermath of heated debate, the most controversial ones were dropped from consideration:

Most notable, however, are the resolutions that were left out of the platform, which had been a subject of contentious debate among party members. Prior to the committee meeting on Saturday, the resolutions had drawn scrutiny from local Jewish leaders — including Rep. Kathy Manning (D-NC), a staunch supporter of Israel who had suggested that the proposed resolutions could “exacerbate antisemitism” while “driving a wedge between” the party as it prepares for a difficult campaign season.

Among the measures that stirred controversy were a resolution endorsing the Palestinian “right of return” to Israel and a call to commemorate May 15 as Nakba Day, the Arabic term for “catastrophe” used to denote the Palestinian exodus during the war surrounding the foundation of Israel. Those resolutions have been removed, the draft document now shows.


As has been said by myself and many others before at this site and elsewhere, when they tell us who they really are, we should believe them.

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