June 23, 2024

There are 14,000 Ukrainians on the consular register of the Embassy of Ukraine in Israel, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is forming lists of citizens of Ukraine to leave Israel.

Source: Oleh Nikolenko, spokesperson for Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, on air of the national 24/7 newscast

Quote: “In general, there are 14,000 Ukrainians on the consular register of the Embassy of Ukraine in Israel. But in fact, this number is many times larger.

We know that two Ukrainian women died as a result of the hostilities. We have confirmation of their death.

There is also information about the possible death of two other Ukrainians in the area near the Gaza Strip, as well as one Ukrainian in the Palestinian enclave itself. However, we currently do not have official confirmation. Our diplomats are working to find out the full picture.

The boy who was rescued is in a safe place. There are no threats to his life; he is provided with all necessary support. So far, we have not received any other information about the injured Ukrainians.”

Details: Ukraine received more than 100 requests for assistance for Ukrainians who cannot leave Israel.

Quote: “Airlines began to cancel flights to and from Israel massively against the background of the worsening security situation. Our citizens cannot leave and use the flights for which they had the tickets.

Our embassy is currently forming a list of citizens needing assistance, and in parallel, we are working as the operational headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find solutions for other ways of leaving Israel.

Our citizens who are already on the list should wait for instructions from the embassy. People who have problems, but have not yet reported this to the embassy – we strongly ask them to contact the diplomats.”


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