May 20, 2024

Much of Corporate America, and indeed many of the corporations in the Western-based world, are all message carriers more than they are producers of products now. Behind the scenes, many directors and executives sit in meeting rooms asking themselves, “What do we stand for?” instead of “How can we improve our product?” Marketing teams spend a good deal of time in meetings wondering how best to display a company’s supposed “altruism” while trying to plan out the latest campaign. 


It’s all a lie, obviously. At the end of the day, a company really only cares about its goodwill with the public because it’s a means to an end, that end being more money. However, in the quest to achieve the status of being one of the “good companies,” many corporations embrace the politics of the mainstream only to find everything from their good name to their product decreasing in quality. Some corporations lose billions of dollars in the process, while some smaller companies completely go out of business. 

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So why do it? 

Often, it’s because they’re strongarmed into it through threats of accusations of being sexist, racist, or other mainstream public “sins.” The mere threat of having a finger pointed at you in this day and age is enough to scare major businesses into obedience. 

Where do the threats come from? Oftentimes, the threats come from bigger fish in the corporate water. BlackRock is famous for threatening to withdraw funding benefits and lowering the rank of companies on stock lists if they don’t comply with ESG policies. Larger corporations may punish smaller companies by not working with them if they feel like their management isn’t diverse enough. 


As Larry Fink of BlackRock openly said, this is the business of “forcing behaviors.” 

But quite often the threat of being labeled with the pariah status comes from within. Activist-minded employees will get hired by a business to do a job and begin doing what they consider it is their duty to do, and begin pushing leftist values on the business, namely DEI. 

How do they succeed? Through guilt, fear, and pressure. 

As YouTuber ComixDivision pointed out in his latest video, the co-founder of Sweet Baby Inc. effectively gave instructions about how to do this in a speech. You may recall that Sweet Baby Inc. has been covered on RedState before as a company that video game developers hire to go in and change a game’s writing, characters, etc., so they’re more appropriate for “modern audiences.” What they generally end up doing is making the game mind-numbingly stupid, insulting to the player, and ultimately making the game unpopular. 

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Yet, despite the repeated pattern of failure, the company is continuously hired. It’s no longer a mystery as to why. In fact, they’ll stand up in front of a crowd and gladly admit to it and encourage others to do it.


Recently, a backlash against Sweet Baby Inc. has arisen within the gaming community, and this includes bringing old clips and tweets of its employees to light that display their radical leftism, including racism, sexism, and their willingness to use fear and guilt to control people. 

Watch this clip talked about by ComixDivision that shows the patterns of people like feminist activist Anita Sarkeesian and the co-founder of Sweet Baby Inc., Kim Belair, who attempt to use threats of public derision to force companies into DEI and obedience to radical leftism. 


It’s a Mafia shakedown tactic. An activist employee goes to the marketing department and says, “Nice business you got here. It would be a shame if a rumor was started that it’s racist, sexist, homophobic, etc., and the media started reporting about you, and boycotts and lawsuits started popping up everywhere.” 

The company, fearing for its existence, complies and institutes DEI policies that turn it into another host for the message. Moreover, it becomes another example for other companies to see. The lesson is simple. Comply or be punished and/or left behind.

It’s a form of terrorism that threatens the reputation and, ultimately, the health of a business. 


Right now, we live in an era where this form of terrorism is acceptable, and it’s utilized well. That’s not to say it’s invincible. A decline in the embrace of leftism is clearly happening right now as the influence of ESG policies over businesses wanes and trillions of dollars are sapped from ESG funds. Governments and businesses alike are walking away. 

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But this doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. The solution to all of this is for businesses to be very careful in who they hire. These activists don’t necessarily hide their beliefs. Businesses looking to bring in more employees should comb the past of potential hires to make sure that, upon getting the job, their chief goal will be to bring the business under the control of the body politic. 

Being aware of these tactics is the first step to avoid being a victim of them. The second is to make yourself immune from the fear these activists try to instill in people, and in that regard, knowledge is power. 

Bringing that knowledge is one of RedState’s missions. A well-informed populace is one that’s much harder to conquer, and we try to craft articles like these that shine a light on the strategies and tactics of the left, as well as the people who attempt to push them on our society. This has put us in the crosshairs of quite a few entities that would rather us not do that. Attacks on us aren’t uncommon. 


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