June 22, 2024

Russia has launched several waves of attack drones toward Ukraine this evening, a group of which are headed in the direction of Odesa and Mykolaiv oblasts, Ukraine’s Air Force reported on Telegram on Oct. 9.

The drones were launched from the Black Sea and may change direction, the Air Force warned at around 10:15 p.m. local time.

An hour later, the Air Force reported that another group of drones was headed towards Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

On Oct. 8, the Air Force’s spokesperson Yuri Ihnat said that Russia will likely launch a record number of Shahed kamikaze drones against Ukraine in the coming fall and winter months.

The official pointed out that in September alone, Russian forces launched over 500 Shahed-type drones in attacks against Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials warned that Russia is likely to escalate its attacks against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure in the coming months in order to cripple the country’s power grid.

Moscow attempted such a strategy during the fall and winter of 2022-2023, which led to frequent blackouts and a lack of heating across the country.

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