May 20, 2024

With the Iditarod well underway, Alaska Man is making his presence known on that famous trail, as well as in some other places. This week we bring you not only Iditarod news involving a moose but another moose piece and another, rather un-traditional Alaska man – yes, man – who is stirring – and dressing – things up down in Los Anchorage. Even here, the “dressing” stuff shows up, as in a man wearing women’s clothes; while it’s apparent that few places are escaping this, I hasten to note that this guy is in Anchorage, and as a reader pointed out a while back, one can get from Anchorage to the real Alaska in about 90 minutes.


We get a lot of moose news up here in the Great Land. Probably because we have a lot of moose.

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Iditarod musher shoots moose to protect dogs. 

Top 2024 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race contender Dallas Seavey shot and killed a moose to defend himself and his dog team early Monday about 100 miles into the 1,000-mile race, officials said.

Seavey’s team was about 14 miles past the Skwentna checkpoint when the moose “became entangled with the dogs and the musher on the trail,” according to a statement from the Iditarod. Seavey shot the moose in self-defense and notified race officials at about 1:45 a.m. Monday, the statement says.

It’s Alaska law, in case anyone’s not aware, that when a game animal is killed, all edible meat must be recovered for use. All 50 states have similar laws. Lots of folks know that there are all kinds of laws and regulations around domestic livestock, but many don’t realize that there are laws governing the handling of game animals, too.

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But Mr. Seavy didn’t get the field dressing done right and paid a penalty for it.


Iditarod officials on Wednesday imposed a two-hour time penalty on musher Dallas Seavey for not properly gutting the moose he killed during the race earlier this week.

Race marshal Warren Palfrey convened a three-person panel of race officials to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of the moose, which became tangled up with Seavey and his dog team early Monday, about 12 hours after the dayslong race officially started. One dog was injured in the encounter and flown back to Anchorage for care.

On Tuesday, Dallas Seavey Racing said on social media that the injured dog, named Faloo, was in critical condition. However, by Wednesday, the team provided an update, saying the dog was on the mend.

Points for tenacity and intrepidity for even taking part in the Iditarod in the first place; demerits for careless handling of delicious, nutritious moose meat.

Alaska Man score: 3 out of 5 moose nuggets.

Next, we have a big critter appearing to drop in for a visit, captured at the front door by a doorbell camera: Moose pays a call.

I’ll make an exception here, as this isn’t Alaska Man but Alaska Moose – still, the critter is observing the niceties when paying Alaska Man a call.

Watch the latest video at


Points for manners (paying a social call), demerits for manners (showing up unannounced). Alaska ManMoose score: 3.5 of 5 moose nuggets.

And finally:

Dude looks like a lady.

Libs of TikTok strikes again, this time right here in the Great Land, where they have found a dude – and not just any dude, but Fletch Fletcher, a language arts teacher at Dimond High School in Anchorage – dressing like a lady. Aerosmith was not available for comment.

In a video apparently shot by a student, a teacher wearing a dress appears to have his hardened penis tenting out of the fabric, right at eye level where a student under his watch is working on a computer. The distance between the erection and the student’s hand is mere inches. That teacher is identified as Fletcher, although not verified by “Must Read Alaska” as such.

I’m not sure what’s going on with Anchorage these days.


This seems appropriate, although not Alaskan.


Points for just plain being weird; demerits for being too weird, and for doing it around kids.

Alaska Man score: 1.5 out of 5 moose nuggets.

Stay tuned for more! If you haven’t checked out last week’s Alaska Man Monday, do so, and also be sure to check out my friend and PJ Media colleague Stephen Green (VodkaPundit) when he chronicles the adventures of Florida Man every Friday over at our sister site.

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