June 19, 2024

About 3,500 Russian men of conscription age have requested asylum in Germany since the beginning of the Russian full-scale war in Ukraine, but only about 90 of them have received refugee status.

Source: German Ministry of Internal Affairs in response to the request of Clara Bünger, MP from the Left Party, obtained by RND

Details: As of now, the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has decided on over 1,500 applications, with around 90 people granted refugee status.

Following the response, another EU member state is responsible for the asylum application in the case of approximately 1,100 applications due to the Dublin Regulation.

The RND noted the BAMF constantly monitors and analyses the situation in the countries where migrants came from. The practice of decision-making regarding the situation in Russia was last reviewed this month.

Following the revision results, “people who have fled may continue to receive international protection on a regular basis. Persons who are due to be drafted and refuse to serve will receive international protection if the conditions are met”.

Bünger criticised the German authorities for such a low number of approved applications. She said the ruling coalition is good at writing about human rights on its banners and making promises, “but when it comes to implementation, it’s not as successful”.

“For example, the insufficient protection for conscious Russian servicemen who refuse military service is especially galling, but Scholz nevertheless announced it in full,” Bünger said.

Background: Oleksii Makieiev, the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, criticised German politicians who proposed an initiative to give refuge to Russians citizens who fled from their country due to the mobilisation announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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