June 22, 2024

The US continues to decline in its support for arms sales to Ukraine, which is a worrying signal for Ukraine.

Source: Reuters with reference to a survey conducted by Reuters/Ipsos, reported by European Pravda

Details: The two-day survey, which ended on Wednesday, showed that only 41% of respondents agreed with the statement that Washington “should provide weapons to Ukraine”, while 35% disagreed and the rest were undecided.

As a May Reuters/Ipsos survey showed, 46% of Americans supported sending weapons, while 29% opposed and the rest were unsure.

The poll was conducted as US congressional leaders debate Democratic President Joe Biden’s request for US$24 billion in additional funding for Ukraine, of which about US$17 billion is defence aid.

Washington has pledged US$44 billion to supply Kyiv with dozens of tanks, thousands of missiles and millions of rounds of ammunition that Ukraine has used to defend itself since Russia invaded in February 2022. Ukrainian troops have recaptured a number of villages and towns in a counteroffensive that began in June, but their soldiers are hampered by vast Russian minefields and trenches.

“The declining support is having a negative effect on congressional support, and eventually, prospects for additional aid packages,” said Elizabeth Hoffman, Director of Congressional and Government Affairs at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Hoffman said that better communication would help, in particular, to make it clear to Americans that much of the money allocated to Ukraine stays in the US, including in the form of jobs at US arms companies.

Biden said on Wednesday that he would soon give a major speech on why it is necessary to continue to help Ukraine.


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