May 20, 2024

Disney is terrible. That’s hardly beyond debate at this point. There’s a reason Disney+’s subscriber base is falling dramatically and its movies are being shrugged off. In fact, Disney is in such dire straits that a struggle for control of the company is currently underway between Disney CEO Bob Iger and Trian Partners’ Nelson Peltz. 


It’s not going well for Iger, but that’s a theme for Disney nowadays. 

Despite this, there’s a group of people out there who still get enthusiastic about Disney releases, and whenever something is announced they gather together to celebrate and promote it. Weirdly, when they do, it all seems very corporate and sanitized talk, and there’s a reason for that. 

They’re clearly not people at all. 

X user MasteroftheTDS began gathering up posts from these accounts and began noticing patterns. Some of them are verified users, some are not, but all of them seem to be saying the same thing more or less. 

For instance, take these accounts promoting Disney+. The accounts have odd handles for starters, but when you start reading the posts they make they sound like echoes of each other. Moreover, these posts look like they were written by AI in the first place, which doesn’t help with the oddity of them. 

You can see these kinds of posts on specific Disney shows and movies too, as MasterofTDS highlights. 


It’s pretty clear that these are bots and the blue checkmarks indicate someone behind the scenes is paying for them to get more attention. 

As MasteroftheTDS says in a video about his discoveries, it’s unclear if Disney is behind the purchase of these bots but one thing is for sure, everything points to these accounts being more fake than Kim Kardashian’s eyelashes. 

This includes a post about Disney having a positive outlook on the stock market.


We can assume, for the time being, that these accounts have a direct link to Disney as I’m not sure how many organizations would be willing to help the corporation out from the goodness of their heart. 

The best guess is that if it’s not Disney doing this directly, it’s a company with a solid interest in stopping Peltz from gaining influence on Disney’s board. As it stands, Iger’s attempt to fend off Trian Partners looks like it may very well fail as the quality of Disney’s products continues to sink along with its stock price. 

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Fending off Peltz would mean convincing stockholders that everything is fine and good times are a comin’, and giving off the idea that the public is excited about Disney is a step toward that. 

The issue is that these bots are hardly fooling anyone. 

In fact, they only serve to make Disney look worse as its clear that Disney has to rely on false enthusiasm rather than any goodwill from fans. 

Disney faces a fork in the road here. It will either continue doing what it’s doing and sink rapidly into irrelevancy or it will embrace Trian and Peltz and attempt a turnaround. The decision before stockholders is a month away, and all the bots in the world won’t be able to help Iger. 

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