June 22, 2024

In a shocking move, the Iranian government has denied any role in Hamas’s invasion of Israel. The Iranian mission to the United Nations pushed back on a report in the Wall Street Journal that Iran was in control of the planning and timing for the invasion (CONFIRMED: Iran Planned and ‘Green-Lit’ Murderous Hamas Attacks on Israel), saying, “The determined steps of the Palestinians constitute a completely legitimate defense against seven decades of occupation and terrible crimes by the illegitimate Zionist regime. We support Palestine without reservation. However, we are not involved in the Palestinian response, which was carried out only by Palestine itself.” 


It went on to say the decision to attack “was taken solely by Palestine itself….They [Israel] are attempting to justify their failure and attribute it to Iran’s intelligence power and operational planning.”

This is a sign that the invasion of Israel is not unfolding in the way it was planned. 

I’m not sure sane people are capable of believing Iran wasn’t behind this horrendous assault on Israel over the weekend. Hamas, like Hezbollah, is an Iranian puppet organization that gives Iran power and a degree of plausible deniability. Iran provides Hamas with weapons, training, and money — no matter what Joe Biden and his enablers and fluffers contend; Former State Department Advisor Decimates Biden Team Excuses About the $6 Billion for Iran

Hamas is deeply penetrated by Israeli security services, and the only logical explanation for the strategic, operational, and tactical surprise achieved by Hamas is that the attack was planned in a secure environment in Iran, and the fighters were only alerted at the last minute. (You’ll be shocked to learn that there are people claiming that this was a “false flag” attack carried out by the Israeli government, much like 9.11 was an “inside job,” and that, shades of FDR and Pearl Harbor, that the Israeli government knew the attack was coming and did nothing so it could benefit from the outrage.)


The reason that Iran is looking for the nearest exit, in my opinion, is the imagery coming out of Israel is crushing Hamas. Iran had counted on controlling the narrative in the way they always have. The Western media won’t show Hamas atrocities in Israel — because “journalism” or some such bullsh** — but Hamas and its sympathetic press could be relied upon to show graphic pictures of civilians killed by Israel’s retaliatory strikes. 

The video of the slaughter of Israeli civilians, the mass killing at a “peace music festival” that included a lot of foreigners who are now dead or missing (True Savagery: Hamas Terrorists Murdered Over 250 at Music Festival Near Gaza), and the video that I think will emerge today or tomorrow of IDF troops being beheaded by Hamas fighters (the videos are already floating around, but I haven’t seen one yet) have, for the first time, shown the world exactly what Israel is fighting. The imagery is so horrific that Germany and Austria have been forced to stop funding Hamas…that is incredible.


(“misused” lolol)

With the narrative of plucky Hamas freedom fighters against fascist Israel going up in smoke, Iran doesn’t want to be the guy left standing when the music stops. The fact that senior Hamas and Hezbollah people are pointing the finger at Iran indicates they all know how this exercise looks to have blown up in their faces.

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