May 19, 2024

After a judge dropped several charges pertaining to Donald Trump’s election interference case in Georgia, even CNN admitted that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has humiliated herself. 


On Wednesday morning, Judge Scott McAfee dismissed six of the charges in the election-related indictment, including three against Trump himself, after determining they “fail to allege sufficient detail regarding the nature of their commission, i.e., the underlying felony solicited.” Thirty-five other charges remain intact. 

Responding to the news, CNN’s senior legal analyst Elie Honig said CNN’s Newsroom that the dropping of said charges was “embarrassing” for Willis and her team.

He explained: 

I don’t think this ruling changes the type of evidence that the DA’s going to be able to introduce, but it does knock out some of the charges and look, it’s embarrassing for prosecutors. It’s a screwup by prosecutors when you bring a charge and then a judge throws it out before it even goes to trial.

Honig added that this was far from the only “screw-up” that Willis had encountered: 

There have been several screwups, frankly, by the DA throughout the history of this case. Going back to the investigative phase, the DA got herself disqualified from a small piece of the case because she created a political conflict of interest. The judge who was overseeing the grand jury removed Fani Willis from the case. 

We’ve seen Fani Willis make public statements in the church and elsewhere that have now been called into question that I think violate the ethics of prosecutorial rules and now we’ve seen six of the charges thrown out of the case and unlike the conflict of interest issue, this does go to the charges against the defendant. This does go to the indictment itself.


Trump’s legal team celebrated the decision and called for the other charges to also be dismissed: 

The Court made the correct legal decision to grant the special demurrers and quash important counts of the indictment brought by DA Fani Willis. The counts dismissed against President Trump are 5, 28 and 38, which falsely claimed he solicited GA public officials to violate their oath of office. 

The ruling is a correct application of the law, as the prosecution failed to make specific allegations of any alleged wrongdoing on those counts. The entire prosecution of President Trump is political, constitutes election interference and should be dismissed.

Willis has repeatedly shown herself to be wildly out of her depth in bringing charges of such severity and is facing potential disqualification over her past conduct. 

In February, it emerged that she had had an affair with Nathan Wade, an underling whom she paid over $500,000 to work on the Trump case. Wade then used that money to take Willis on lavish vacations to Belize, although she has since claimed that she returned the money to him in cash. The revelations have undermined her standing and led to allegations of a conflict of interest. 


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