June 18, 2024

Belgian Defence Minister Ludivine Dedonder has announced that the country will send several Belgian F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, starting from 2025.

Source: Dedonder during a broadcast on RTL, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Dedonder noted that several Belgian F-16s will be sent to Ukraine from 2025, “depending on the build-up of our new F-35 capabilities”.

Dedonder did not specify how many aircraft will be sent to Ukraine.

The minister added that in addition to sending fighters, Belgium will continue the training of Ukrainian pilots and will offer to take over the maintenance of the entire F-16s fleet of the aviation coalition.




  • Alexander De Croo, Prime Minister of Belgium, stated earlier that Belgium is considering supplying Ukraine with its F-16 fighter jets.

  • David Clarinval, Deputy Prime Minister of the Belgian government, has previously stated that Belgium could theoretically deliver two to four F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine next year.

  • The Belgian Air Force has 45 F-16 fighters. All of them will reach the end of their service life over the next five to six years. Starting next year, the Belgian Air Force will begin receiving four to five new F-35 fighters per year, which will gradually replace the F-16s.

  • On 15 September, the Belgian government approved the country’s participation in the training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets as part of the aviation coalition.

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