June 22, 2024

Joe Biden made a pretty big mistake the other day when he was speaking to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus but then commented about the Congressional Black Caucus, as though he had completely forgotten who he was appearing before. No, Joe, they aren’t the same. 


But just in case, he didn’t leave being insulting and weird to speaking before the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. When he did speak before a Congressional Black Caucus event on Saturday night, he said some things that may not have gone over so well either. 

Biden spoke at the CBC’s 52nd Annual Legislative Conference. He told some of his typical falsehoods about the economy. He again appeared to be slurring his words when he talked about how he and Kamala Harris wanted to “fundamentally transform” the economy. 

“Kamala and I came into office determined to transform how the economy works — change the way it literally functions!” Biden said. He tripped over and slurred the word “transform. “

They certainly did that, helping to bring on the worst inflation in more than 40 years. 

Biden also spoke about needing to get that word out about what they had done. That would hurt them more than help. But he indeed seemed to buy into the Biden team propaganda that the American people just don’t know about all his great work. 


No, Joe. The people know what you’ve done. That’s why they don’t want you. 

Imagine telling this falsehood about being involved in the civil rights movement before the CBC when it’s been debunked multiple times: 

He also pandered about picking Kamala as vice president. 

But definitely, the worst comments on the night came when Biden started talking about LL Cool J and MC Lyte winning Phoenix Awards for musical contributions. Now, having Biden talk about hip-hop was bound to go wrong, and it did. 

“Two of the great artists of our time representing the groundbreaking legacy of hip hop in America, LL J Cool J, uhhh…” he said, struggling to read the teleprompter and not seeming to understand what he was supposed to be saying. 

Biden tried to cover for botching the name…by talking about his biceps and calling him “boy.” That was not a good deflection.  “By the way, that boy….that man’s got biceps bigger than my thighs,” Biden said.  


Yikes. Can’t he just stop already? And this isn’t even the first time he’s called people of color “boy.”  He recently got into trouble for a racist statement about high school diplomas earlier this month, and the White House appeared to try to cover it up by not reflecting what he said in the official transcript. He’s been saying weird, racist things for decades, yet Democrats never seem to want to call him on any of it. And then, once again, the weirdness about men’s biceps. When he made the racist comment about diplomas, he also told Gov. Wes Moore, who is black, that his biceps were “too small and not in very good shape.” Couple that with the sniffing kids’ hair problem, and Joe Biden is just one strange dude.   

But this is the guy that Democrats are putting out there for 2024 at this point, no matter how much he embarrasses them. 

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