May 23, 2024

Huh? The quote in the headline, I mean. What the hell did that mean? 

Let’s be clear: Despite his lies and denials to the contrary, Joe Biden knows full well he has the executive-order authority to stop what he intentionally started — the never-ending stream of illegal aliens surging across the southern border. While he’s recently flip-flopped on the issue, he now says: “I’m counting on the border action happening by itself.” Here’s how that went down:



Mr. President, when is a border executive action coming? An executive action on the border.


“I’m counting on the border action happening by itself — the passing it.

We’ll analyze that crock of crap in a bit.

Biden’s comment comes after reports surfaced in late February that he was finally considering executive action to stop the out-of-control invasion as the numbers of illegals, along with their crimes, began to spread across the country, and even Democrats began to call for an end to the madness. 

Yet, as is his habit, the president who never met a buck he couldn’t gleefully pass instead again shifted the border crisis blame to congressional Republicans — and former President Trump, of course — demanding that the GOP-majority House pass dubious legislation that would have, at the minimum, allowed 5,000 illegals into the country legally, per day — and ultimately granted amnesty to millions of illegals — as in “future Democrat voters,” in the minds of Biden and his party. 

In other words, the president, who never accepts fault or responsibility, continued to shirk responsibility and deflect blame purely for political reasons, disregarding millions of Americans negatively impacted by his decisions.

As my colleague Sister Toldjah previously reported, Biden visited Brownsville, Texas, on the Mexican border on February 29 for what amounted to a photo op, while former president and presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump visited Eagle Pass, Texas. 


The differences between the two visits couldn’t have been more stark.

As reported by Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, the area visited by Biden, according to internal CBP data reflecting apprehensions for all Border Patrol stations in February, ranks close to the lowest areas measured.

About 17 per day. This puts it at the 29th busiest Border Patrol station in February. The number one station was Three Points in Tucson Sector, which has recorded 13,900+ apprehensions in February.

In contrast, over the five days before Trump’s visit, Eagle Pass saw more than 2,000 illegals apprehended, while Brownsville saw just 46.

In Brownsville, only 46 apprehensions. 

Brownsville hasn’t seen significant activity since last May when Title 42 was ending, when it was the #1 spot for a small window of time. Then Texas locked it down with razor wire and legions of troopers and National Guard and it has been largely silent ever since.


Joe Biden is a fraud, America — but you already knew that.

The Bottom Line

While deluded Joe Biden “counts” on border action on the illegal alien invasion he intentionally created to “take care of itself,” the crisis continues unabated. As even CBS News reported on March 5, illegal crossings along the southern border increase as officials prepare for a larger spike.

Yeah, Joe did that.


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