April 19, 2024

Joe Biden was giving a speech before the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. So you know it’s time to hold your breath and hope he doesn’t say anything too egregious while he’s on such a big stage before the world, including so many who don’t wish us well. 


One of the things that he made clear and that he isn’t shy about — he’s a full-on globalist. America doesn’t come first, making sure we bend over does. If we haven’t given all our money to Ukraine yet, hey, let’s give billions more to up funding to the World Bank. It isn’t like we need our money or anything, or like he has any constitutional obligation to our defense. 

Biden repeated what he has frequently said — that he is not for “de-coupling” from China. This is one of the reasons that China thinks they can run all over us with Biden at the helm because Biden doesn’t fully hold them to account for their bad behavior. 

Biden then managed to say the quiet part out loud — it was necessary to work with China, and “Nowhere is that more critical than in accelerating the climate crisis.” 

Whoops, Joe finally said it there, although he quickly corrected himself. It’s all about gaining control. Every time I hear him say something about working with China on the “climate crisis,” I think either he’s just spinning us, or wonder: Is he truly that deluded about what China will do? China, unlike us, will always place its interests first. 


Then came the battles with incoherence and the teleprompter, with Biden slurring his words. 

He said “for one day” his administration has treated the climate crisis as an “existential threat.” 

He didn’t seem to understand that he got it scrambled and what was written was likely “from day one.” He’s made horrible comments on this before, including recently saying the threat of global warming was more frightening than a nuclear war

Then there was this in a vein of “truninanationaldepressure” as he went into high-speed mumbled incoherence mode. 

The road ahead is long and difficult, but Joe Biden couldn’t even make it past this sentence without a big failure. 


What do you want to do, Joe? Preserve, persevere, or prevail? Do you even know? 

Just exactly how bad was it? Joe Biden didn’t seem to even know what he was trying to say when his brain froze mid-sentence here as he started talking about the 21st century. He just looked off into space for a moment. 

Unfortunately, this is who we have representing us before the world. Then we wonder why bad actors around the world are being emboldened. 

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