April 15, 2024

Joe Biden’s team has been doing all they can to prevent the president from answering questions and getting further into trouble. We even saw how they pulled the plug on him in Vietnam when he started going off the rails, rambling about dog-faced pony soldiers and insulting the Southern Hemisphere as the “Third World.” 


Unfortunately for them, they can’t completely lock Biden up, and occasionally he gets out and answers reporters’ questions, much to the chagrin of his handlers. But so far, he has managed to avoid answering queries about his son’s indictment on gun charges. 

Biden had also been ducking reporter’s questions about the impeachment inquiry against him, although his staff couldn’t keep him from making a bizarre comment about the impeachment inquiry on Wednesday night at a campaign reception when he said that he didn’t know why the Republicans wanted to impeach him but “best I can tell they want to impeach me because they want to shut down the government.” 

That, of course, doesn’t make a lot of sense. But then, so much of what Biden says doesn’t add up. 

But on Sunday, coming back from yet his umpteenth vacation to Delaware, Biden finally did respond to reporters about the impeachment inquiry. First, he looked completely confused about what they were asking him — when he had any response. Then his arrogance knew no bounds, and once he understood what they were asking, he smiled and wished them “lots of luck.” 


He likely thinks he’s got the agencies of government and the media behind him and knows that he hasn’t been held accountable for so many years. He also knows that the Dems control the Senate now, so his chances of being convicted are slim. 

But Biden isn’t going to be able to stop more information from coming out now due to the power of the impeachment inquiry.  And the public is going to see all the things we’ve reported on for years and the slimy dealings all laid out in front of them. 

What’s funny about Biden’s response is how he has been proven wrong time and time again. We’ve seen so many things that he’s said about his son and his scandals be shot down by the facts. His team has had to backpedal, recasting what he’s said, as more evidence has come out to prove what Biden has told us is false.  

Even MSNBC has had to acknowledge the plurality of Americans who approve of the impeachment inquiry. 

CNN also found that 61 percent of Americans believed Biden was involved in Hunter’s business dealings, with 64 percent of independents. And 42 percent of those 61 percent believe Joe Biden had done something illegal.


As I reported the other day, as more and more evidence has been coming out, and Biden’s bad policies continue to fester, former president Donald Trump has surpassed Biden in the polls as well, with Trump up 10 percent with independents and Biden losing a lot of ground to the former president in several other critical groups including women, suburban women, voters under 45, as well as black and Hispanic voters. 

Biden can be arrogant and try to deflect, but the facts are catching up to him. 

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