June 22, 2024

Canada will provide Ukraine with 25 million Canadian dollars ($19 million) in winter clothes and equipment, as well as munitions and gas masks from Canadian military stocks, the country’s Defense Minister Bill Blair said at the Ramstein-format summit in Brussels on Oct. 11.

The winter equipment, which will be funded from the $370 million tranche announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in June, includes boots, thermal layers, winter sleeping bags, and 2,000 female military uniforms.

Ukraine will also receive 2,000 155 mm artillery rounds, 955 155mm artillery smoke ammunition rounds, over 2,000 81 mm mortar smoke rounds, 277 aircraft bombs and associated fuse assemblies, 2,260 gas masks, and various types of 76 mm naval ammunition.

The Minister also noted that the previously announced donations of almost 8,000 rounds of 155 mm ammunition, 10,000 rounds of 105 mm artillery rounds, and approximately 2 million rounds of 7.62 mm small arms ammunition were delivered last week.



Between February 2022 and September 2023, Canada provided Ukraine with $1.8 billion in military donations.

Kyiv’s allies are meeting in Brussels for the Ukraine Defense Group Meeting to coordinate military support for Ukraine as it braces for the coming winter.

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