June 19, 2024

Country music superstar Carrie Underwood undoubtedly lives a life that most people can only dream about, but here’s the thing: she’s also an everyday mom who’s doing her best to raise her kids in 2023 America.


The mother of two, who’s married to former NHL player Mike Fisher, faces the same challenges faced by untold numbers of moms — and dads — across America. Whether it be social media, cell phones, peer pressure, or as Underwood recently emphasized, television, the concerns are real. Underwood said in a recent interview:

It’s such a battle, right? Even television. … I notice if they kind of watch too much TV, [they] like they have an attitude shift. And I’m like ‘Why are you moody? What are we doing? 

Underwood was right, of course. 

From so-called entertainment programming to political commentary to the blatantly slanted way news is reported — or ignored — and beyond, the left’s hellbent efforts to manipulate reality have become an industry unto itself. (See: MSNBC’s race-hustler extraordinaire Joy Reid, for a quintessential example.)

Underwood isn’t only concerned about the potential impact of television on her kids; she’s also concerned about so-called smartphones, which she wants to keep her kids away from “as long as possible.” 

There’s been like a whole grassroots initiative within their school and a bunch of parents getting together and discussing how we can keep our kids kind of away from technology. Especially like social media and stuff like that, as long as possible.


Carrie Underwood’s sons, Isaiah and Jacob are ages 7 and 3, respectively. 

As a “somewhat older” guy than Carrie Underwood and her husband, I can only imagine the challenges of raising kids in today’s America. Perhaps that’s a perfect example of why “old people” can’t have kids. Just sayin’.

Incidentally, more than 45,000 American parents have signed a pledge that they will refrain from giving their kids smartphones until at least the eighth grade. Is that a bad thing? I think not, although access to facts and knowledge beyond what young kids are being taught (indoctrinated to believe) is critical, as well. 

That said, to Carrie Underwood’s point, parental oversight — even when the kiddos abhor it — is, in the end, in everyone’s best interest. The salient question is, do today’s parents want to be “liked” by their kids now, or later expected? Thing is, both realities can be true.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a parent — or perhaps a grandparent — the importance of paying close attention to virtually every aspect of your impressionable loved ones’ lives, from their friends to social media to the public school system and beyond, cannot be over-emphasized. 


From the nonsense of so-called “critical race theory” to drag queen story hours to the insanity of self-selected pronouns and the obscenity of “gender-affirming care,” it’s no wonder that untold numbers of America’s kids are confused.

Never forget that, and never take for granted that everything is okay — both within your kids’ environment and within their young heads. I don’t mean to preach; it’s just that we live in unprecedented times, and our children are our most important legacy.

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