June 23, 2024

A team from the charity Save Ukraine has brought back 19 Ukrainian children from the temporarily occupied territories.

Source: Mykola Kuleba, founder of Save Ukraine, on Telegram

Quote from Kuleba: “The Save Ukraine team has taken 19 Ukrainian children out of the temporarily occupied territories in 12 rescue missions. That’s 196 children who have now been brought back to Ukraine by our team,”  Kuleba said.

He also thanked everyone who helped the foundation carry out this complex and important work.


  • The Russians have been abducting Ukrainian children since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. They are separated from their parents in various ways, including through “filtering” procedures. The main overseer of their relocation to the occupied territories and the Russian Federation is Maria Lvova-Belova, the Russian Commissioner for Children’s Rights.

  • The Russians apply psychological operations against these children, calling them names for being Ukrainian and even beating them for disobedience.

  • The Ukrainian authorities will continue to search for those involved in the abduction of Ukrainian children; the first notices of suspicion relating to this crime were issued this June.

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