June 23, 2024

In a sea of left-wing media hacks, one man has developed a reputation as a transcendent talent. That would be Jim Acosta, who first gained notoriety for acting like a spoiled child during the Trump administration. Now relegated to a low-rated CNN show during the Biden era, Acosta is still out there fighting the good fight. 


On Sunday, Acosta interviewed Republican Rep. Ralph Norman about the ongoing and accelerating crisis at the border. When Norman tried to state a simple fact, i.e. that the border is currently open, the CNN host had a meltdown. 

NORMAN: Let the border patrol agents do their job to get the wall built, [and] have designated points of entry. This administration is just not doing it. They’re doing it intentionally, and whether you agree with it or not, they’re doing it for power. Why are they giving…(crosstalk)

ACOSTA: What do you mean by that? Why are you, what is to say, they are intentionally doing what? Where is your evidence of this? Where is your proof of this? It just sounds like you’re throwing rhetoric around with no basis in fact.

NORMAN: Have you been to the border?

ACOSTA: Of course I have.

NORMAN:  Have you seen what’s going on? The rapes. It’s open. I mean, nobody can deny that. It’s a crisis.

ACOSTA: I’ll ask the questions, sir. And the border is not open. That is, that is something that is peddled as a talking point, but it’s not true. There are there are fences. There are walls. There are Border Patrol agents who work on the border.


“I’ll ask the questions, sir,” Acosta remarks after Norman points out the simple fact that the border is open. For someone to argue with that is simply laughable at this point. The United States set a record in August for the most crossings in history. Entire caravans are simply walking across bridges and fording rivers. The Border Patrol are being ordered to cut razor wire and open doors instead of being allowed to do their jobs. 

Further, when illegal immigrants enter, they are being given passage into the interior, many of which will never be heard from again. All the while, the Biden administration is openly fighting Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s attempts to use the National Guard to stem the tide. 

So yeah, the border is absolutely open, and Acosta is nothing but a smug partisan clown for trying to suggest to Norman that it’s not. It’d be like getting upset that someone says your local Wal-Mart is open because it has doors. Yes, there are border agents and some fencing, but the border is open because they aren’t being utilized properly. It’s underselling it to even call it a crisis at this point. What’s going on is pure anarchy, and that’s solely the responsibility of the current president.


Acosta can try, but no amount of semantic argument is going to change what’s happening. Things have passed the breaking point, and I suspect Americans are going to demand accountability in the next election.

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