May 20, 2024

What do you look for in a drug store staffer? What about in a leader? If your answer is “wokeness,” you and CVS are on the same page. 

Management training documents posted online illustrate the pharmacy chain’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. According to The Daily Wire, candidates in the General Management Development Program (GMDP) have recently been given guidance by way of a lesson called “Creating a DEI Action Plan.”


Purportedly, one instructive slide offers eminent acceptance:

CVS Health’s (CVSH) commitment to inclusion and belonging is unwavering, and our holistic approach to strategic diversity management is inclusive of every one of our colleagues and those we care for each day.

How’s it holistic? Perhaps in that it considers not only one’s ability, but also identity incidentals. And the program isn’t content to let mediocrity slide; one assignment has participants pinpoint their own plans for improvement:

My Personal Commitment to Moving Forward — Allyship and Advocacy

  • Groups I can be an advocate for: ______
  • It is important to create a culture of advocacy at CVSH and in the GMDP because: _____
  • Specific actions I can take to be a better advocate at CVSH and within the GMDP: _____
  • It is important to create a culture of advocacy on my team because: _____
  • Specific actions I can take to be a better advocate within my team: _____

Another provision has potential managers confess their crappiness:

  • The personal bias I want to address is: _____
  • Addressing this personal bias will impact the CVSH/GMDP culture by: _____
  • The inclusive trait I want to develop is: _____
  • Developing this trait will impact our inclusive culture by: _____
  • My sphere of influence: (Know your impact. What role(s) do you have? What activities do you lead or participate in? How can you be an ally, and to whom?) _____


The exercise also inquires, “What privileges do you have that others do not?”

The Allyship and Advocacy slide asks for three specific pledges “to do better.” As for the Personal Commitment worksheet, workers are told to write resolutions for the next five days, five weeks, and five months.

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In times past, people with jobs were directed to superbly perform their relevant duties. These days, present and future employees are implored to fix the world — a world full of heteronormative white supremacy. Our American overhaul is ongoing:

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Back to CVS, on-the-make managers are shown something labeled the “Social Identity Wheel.” An accompanying instruction: 


(Consider the) identities that have the strongest effect on how you see yourself as a person.

What identities might the chain be interested in uplifting? Judging from a sample of its Employment, Affirmative Action, Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, and Anti-Retaliation Policy…ze’s and zir’s are certainly deemed worthy of allyship:

People use different terms to refer to themselves, but some terms are universally considered disrespectful… Terms like transgender, trans-male/trans-female, non-binary or “male” or “female” should be used.

Fox News relays that transgender employees are encouraged “to include their preferred pronouns in their email signatures, introduce their preferred pronouns in meeting introductions, and to tell colleagues…they ‘won’t tolerate even subtle forms of discrimination or harassment in the workplace.'” Furthermore, they’re allowed to use whatever restrooms coincide with their sexual self-perception. The ubiquitous apothecary even publishes a manual called “Guidelines for Supporting a Colleague Who is Transitioning.” 

As for those in the aspiring managers pool, hopefuls who jump through the social-justice hoops may still fail to make the cut. The Daily Wire reports a statement on the training from a CVSH rep:

“We remain focused on hiring, developing, and retaining a talented workforce that represents and reflects the diversity of the customers, communities, and patients we support.”


In other words, hiring will be determined in part by individuals’ group identities. Perniciously privileged applicants may be sorted as chaff from wheat while those more “marginalized” are raised through the ranks. So goes our cutting-edge rendition of inclusion. Via the virtuous spoon of wokeness, CVS will make the sick idea of meritocracy take its modern medicine.


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