May 22, 2024

Dubai airport, one of the world’s busiest, said on Friday it is limiting the number of arriving flights as disruptions continue after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) this week suffered flooding from the heaviest rainfall seen in decades.

The airport said it will be limiting the number of arriving flights starting Friday for 48 hours. It also urged passengers not to head to the airport unless the airlines have confirmed the departure of their flight.

Air India said it has cancelled flights to and from Dubai, while Emirates said it is suspending check-in on Friday.

On Tuesday, the UAE was lashed by downpours described by its National Centre of Meteorology as the heaviest rainfall in the past 75 years. In following days, videos showed the airport’s runways flooded and few flights could land or depart.

The deluge also hit the streets of the UAE and at least one person died after his car was swept away by floods in the emirate of Ras Al Khaima, police said.

In neighbouring Oman, at least 21 people died after the country was hit by torrential rains.

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