June 23, 2024

Polish President Andrzej Duda does not believe that the dispute about agricultural imports will significantly affect the relationship between Warsaw and Kyiv.

Source: Duda during his speech at the Common Future Congress for Reconstruction of Ukraine in Poznan, reported by PAP and European Pravda

Details: “To me, cooperation with Ukraine and support for Ukraine have a historical dimension. This is not simply some event,” Duda remarked.

He stressed that the help given by Polish people and Polish entrepreneurs to Ukraine is an “enormous capital between our countries and people” which cannot be undermined by a legal dispute.

“I have no doubt that the dispute over the supply of grain is just a splinter in the whole of Polish-Ukrainian relations. I do not believe that in normal conditions it can impact them in a serious way. It is simply an issue that we must resolve between ourselves,” the Polish president added.

Background: The tension between Warsaw and Kyiv was caused by unilateral Polish restrictions on Ukrainian agricultural products and Ukraine’s actions in response.

Ukraine has put forward a plan of export control for four grain groups – wheat, maize, sunflower and rapeseed – to the European Commission and Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania to protect their internal markets.

Despite this, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary have announced unilateral restrictions on Ukrainian imports, which prompted Ukraine to file a complaint against these three countries to the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

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