May 22, 2024

If we begin with the following premise, it will be easier to understand what’s going on, here — and why.

John Brennan, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency under Barack Obama (from March 2013 to January 2017), hates Donald Trump. Riddled with stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome, Brennan willingly allows the former president to live rent-free in his head, 24/7. Let’s assume the bedeviled dude can’t help it — and it makes him one of the most bitter people in the history of mankind. 


OK, that last part might be a bit hyperbolic, but there it is.

Anyway, the senior national security and intelligence analyst for equally Trump-loathing MSNBC told equally TDS-riddled host Nicolle Wallace on Thursday that the U.S. intelligence community mighty withhold “sensitive” intelligence information from Donald Trump after he presumably wins the 2024 Republican presidential nomination — which would break a 72-year tradition of sitting administration intelligence officials briefing presidential candidates of major political parties on such information.

Even more absurd was Brennan’s hypocritical excuse for doing so.

In response to a new Politico article about how U.S. intelligence officials are allegedly planning to brief Trump but have reservations due to “his handling of classified information,” Brennan told Wallace:

Now, I’m pretty certain that my former intelligence colleagues will provide briefings that are not going to do any type of damage to sources and methods in terms of providing information to Donald Trump that he could misuse.

But they will provide analytic overviews and briefings about some of the world’s hot spots, letting Donald Trump know what the assessments are at this point.

I think it’s going to be analysis that will be devoid of the sources and methods, the sensitive things that we are most concerned about, the types of things that were in all those documents that he had in the bathroom, and all those areas in Mar-a-Lago.


Brennan also told Wallace that even if future GOP nominee Trump were to accept sensitive information briefings, “he probably will disparage them as he has disparaged U.S. intelligence officers as well as U.S. intelligence itself for so long over so many years.”

Question: Are we talking “deep state” stuff, here, with unelected bureaucrats making decisions based on politically predisposed positions or merely sensitive information caution? Either way, it shouldn’t be the intelligence community’s call.

Now do Joe Biden’s garage, Mr. Brennan, where cardboard boxes of classified documents were scattered in plain view.

Incidentally, Brennan told MSNBC in June 2023 that the intelligence community may never know what was compromised by Trump’s retention of classified documents.


The poor guy’s eaten up — and he remains irrelevant. 

The Bottom Line

While I’m not in a position to determine the differences that might or might not exist between Trump’s retention of classified documents and Biden’s, I do know that Trump haters continue to hypocritically attack the former while dismissing or ignoring the latter. Shocking, ain’t it?



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