April 23, 2024

John Fetterman seems to have been coming out of hiding this week, and that hasn’t been good for him because it’s exposed what a nasty character he can be. 

As we reported, when he was asked about the impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden — a serious subject, whatever side of the aisle you are on the question — Fetterman made a truly bizarre comment, speaking in a “spooky voice” and mocking terror, as his aide desperately tried to get him away from the reporters. 


Then, there was the question of the dress code. The Democrats threw the dress code that they had in the Senate chamber under the bus, seemingly because Fetterman can’t be bothered most of the time to wear anything other than gym shorts. So now the senators can wear anything they want. But never fear; this is a Democratic rule, so it has built-in hypocrisy. The elite senators can wear whatever they want, but anyone else in the chamber, like staffers, has to wear business attire. 

As I reported, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) blasted this move as “lowering the bar.” Fetterman tried to clap back at her by talking about her showing pics of a “ding-a-ling” — a reference to the pictures of Hunter Biden that she showed on the House floor during a hearing. But he didn’t seem to get this only highlighted the Biden scandal, so it wasn’t quite the clapback that he thought it was. 

But if all that wasn’t bizarre enough, Fetterman added another weird chapter during an interview he did with Chris Hayes on MSNBC when Hayes spoke about the battle over keeping the government running and claimed the House was falling apart on the issue. While Fetterman praised his Democratic colleagues in the House, he also took a vile shot at the Republicans in the House. 


“The House, the whatever they call themselves Team America or whatever they call themselves, bring your vote otherwise they need to go hump a different leg,” Fetterman said. 

Even rabid Democrat Chris Hayes was silent for a moment after that, perhaps taken aback, and then he changed the subject. But it was too late.

What the heck was that comment? And how vile is Fetterman when he talks about his colleagues like that? So now, not only can they dress like trash, but they can talk that way too without behaving like an adult with decorum. I’m not sure what he was trying to say; perhaps that was a comment on the Freedom Caucus, but he couldn’t get that right or deliberately was mocking it. But this is so beneath the Senate. 

Then what’s going on with his recovery? Suddenly, he seems to have improved greatly in speech and understanding while still making nasty and weird comments. 

It’s not just the shorts that’s the problem with Fetterman; it’s the whole attitude of behaving like a nasty child, and now Democrats are coddling that attitude because his vote serves their agenda. They aren’t willing to rein him in. Because it isn’t about service or decorum, it’s all about control. 


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