April 15, 2024

As I reported on Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced that he would be changing the long-standing dress code rules of the Senate. Senators will now be able to wear whatever they want in the Senate chamber. But staffers and anyone else will have to be in business attire, which for men would still mean coats and ties.


Why did they do it? Three guesses, and they all would involve Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA), who seems to think the Senate is the gym and can’t be bothered to put on work attire to do his alleged job. So they’re doing away with the rules because he doesn’t want to have to deal with them? How serious is he about the job then? The Senate chamber is not a gym. It’s the United States Senate, and it’s supposed to be about doing serious work, serving the American people. Not exactly showing that they are taking it seriously when they do this. They can already wear whatever they want outside the chamber. But the fact that he can’t even bring himself to do this, and the Democrats cater to this, says a lot about them. It’s about respect for the institution and for the American people. 

But hey, the rules are still going to apply to everyone else. Isn’t that just like Democrats with the hypocrisy? To flout the rules but make everyone else adhere to them. “Rules for thee but not for me” rears its head again.  

Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) called the Democrats out on it, pointing a finger at Fetterman. 


But Fetterman had a little a snit fit in response and threw down what I’m sure he thought was a great clapback. 

“Unbiased” liberal media like S.V. Date, the White House correspondent for the Huffington Post, thought it was just great. 

But what they didn’t get was how Fetterman’s response wasn’t the clapback they thought it was. It highlighted what MTG had been talking about — the Hunter Biden laptop pictures — and raised again the question of how compromised Joe Biden is by the influence-peddling scandal. Hunter Biden even infamously spoke about possible Russian blackmail in one conversation with a prostitute. So when what you say raises all that again, you’re unwittingly skewering the Democrats and Biden. 

A lesson in how to break all the irony meters.  And “ding-a-ling,” seriously? How old is Fetterman? 

They have an issue with the pictures MTG showed, but they don’t have a problem with the alleged influence-peddling and other problems with the scandal. 


It’s like how they had an issue with Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) reading words from a book. They don’t like the words read in the Senate, but they are cool with kids in school reading the same book.  

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