June 23, 2024

To me, this story sums up the entire Biden presidency: take something simple and screw it up.

For most people, a dog in the household brings joy and unconditional love and also gives the owner a responsibility to make sure the canine is cared for and healthy.


But Joe Biden can’t even seem to get that right, as his dog Commander has a fondness for biting people—and as my colleague Jeff Charles reported in September, he has a special taste for Secret Service agents.

He has chomped on them at least 12 times since 2021, and now he’s been caught on camera:

New pictures have emerged which show Joe Biden‘s German Shepherd, Commander biting yet another White House staffer just as presidential sources tried to lay the blame for the animal’s aggressive behavior on Secret Service agents.

White House sources on Monday made the assertion that Commander targets members of the president’s security detail because of their ‘unfriendly expressions.’ [Way to throw the Secret Service under the bus, guys.]

Now DailyMail.com can reveal that the two-year-old German Shepherd bit another member of staff barely two weeks ago. 

Now you might be thinking, I thought the dog’s name was Major. Nope, that was the previous First Dog—and he was sent back to Delaware in 2021 for, you guessed it, biting people. You have to wonder, just what is going on over there?


The First Family’s older dog, Major – a five-year-old rescue German Shepherd from a shelter in Delaware – was removed from the White House after a string of aggressive incidents including biting Secret Service and National Park Service employees.

The Bidens eventually had Major rehoused with friends in Delaware saying that he was, by nature, a ‘sweet dog’ and citing the ‘stress’ of life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as the root of his aggression.

I’m not sure if I agree with the poster below who claims that Biden kicked the dog in the video, but one thing you can take away is that Commander does not appear to be well-trained and almost knocks over the octagenarian president:

Celebrity dog trainer Tom Davis thinks the poor pooch lacks direction:

 “When Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo was in office — I did a lot of work at the mansion there in Albany, and I know what it’s like to be in that environment where there’s a lot going on, a lot of people, there’s a lot of hustle and bustle, and there are a lot of busy things happening.”

“And to have a dog that doesn’t really have direction and leadership in those environments can really quickly escalate into protection and to fear and to protection in general, like of the house,” Davis told Fox.


You’d think that the Bidens would have learned with Major that the White House is not the right place for an apparently untrained German Shepherd. Davis: “So for me, it’s wrong dog, for the wrong person, at the wrong place.” 

Although some might consider this to be much ado about nothing (don’t tell that to the Secret Service agent who was sent to the hospital, though), it does highlight not only Biden’s reckless refusal to take accountability for anything but also the incredible bias of the media.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s attitude: “Um, I don’t know, and I don’t care—ask somebody else.”

I remember during and after Bush the Younger’s presidency, I would always apply the “what if Dubya did it?” standard when a Democrat politician did something stupid. In this case, you would ask, “What if Donald Trump had a dog that had at least 12 biting incidents?” The lamestream press would be covering it like it was Watergate, and Hollywood celebrities would be blasting all over social media that the former president was an animal abuser and a menace.


Instead, we mostly get silence. 

That being said, I do have to give the Washington Post credit for running a column that was critical of the situation:

No one around the president wants to tell him that he’s no longer holding himself to the standards of other people. So the aides enable, instead. They implement new “leashing protocols” (they actually use this term), instead of saying flatly to the president: “This is crazy, and it has to stop.”

Turns out you’re not being facetious if you say, “This administration bites.”

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