April 19, 2024

On 18 September, five member states of the European Union rejected a plan prepared by Ukraine to limit the export of agricultural products which, according to the European Commission, should replace unilateral restrictions on Ukrainian imports.

Source: European Pravda, citing Polish media outlet PAP

Details: Under Kyiv’s proposal, PAP says, Ukraine’s Ministry of Economy would independently decide on the granting of permits to export grain to the EU, including the five eastern member countries, even if they oppose such permits.

Ukraine is offering to hold consultations with EU countries and the European Commission regarding export permits, but “regardless of the results of the consultations, the final decision will remain with Kyiv,” the Polish agency writes.

At a meeting in Brussels, Andrzej Sadoś, the Permanent Representative of Poland to the EU, criticised the Ukrainian proposal, which Warsaw says does not solve the issue of controlling and limiting the flow of Ukrainian grain.

A source in the EU told PAP that Ukraine’s neighbouring states opposed Kyiv’s proposal.


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