April 14, 2024

The G7 states are afraid that Russia is negotiating with North Korea about armament supply in exchange for production technology for ballistic missiles.

Source: CNN with reference to anonymous representative of the US Department of State, as reported by European Pravda

The question about a possible agreement between Moscow and Pyongyang was raised at the meeting of G7 foreign ministers on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly on 18 September in the evening.

“High concern was expressed in the room concerning what Russia and North Korea may agree on,” – an anonymous source stated.

Last week, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met with Putin, and the Kremlin reported about “very meaningful” conversation following the meeting.

At the same time American officials reported about “rapid progress” of the negotiations between Moscow and Pyongyang about a potential deal according to which North Korea would help Russia to restore the supplies of deficit armament for the war against Ukraine in exchange for ballistic missiles production technologies.

A CNN source evaded the question whether the G7 foreign ministers achieved unanimity as to what Moscow may offer to Pyongyang and vice versa. It remarked that the diplomats are afraid that the agreement about the armament may have dangerous consequences for Ukraine and become “another Russia’s violation of the UN principles”.

Earlier the US top general expressed a belief that potential size of North Korea’s aid to Russia will unlikely be significant.

The US threatened to actively apply current sanctions against Pyongyang and impose new ones if North Korea supplies Moscow with weapons for its war in Ukraine.

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