June 23, 2024

Germany’s Ministry of Defence has denied a false allegation being spread by Russian state media that a German Leopard tank “with a crew from the Bundeswehr” has been destroyed in the combat zone in Ukraine.

Source: a representative of the German Defence Ministry in a telephone comment to DW, as reported by European Pravda

Quote: “There are no German tank crews in Ukraine,” he said.


  • On 23 September, Russian media began to spread allegations that “reconnaissance officers from the Russian Armed Forces had destroyed a Leopard tank supplied to Ukraine with an all-German crew consisting of German Armed Forces”. They referred to a certain “commander of a reconnaissance group operating on the Zaporizhzhia front”.

  • On 30 August, Latvia categorically denied a false Russian allegation that Latvia had been involved in a drone attack on Pskov airport.

  • Prior to that, fake news was spread in Poland about an alleged “fight between Poles and Ukrainians” in which the Poles were forced to say “Glory to Ukraine”. Polish law enforcement officers have denied this.

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