June 18, 2024

Germany is delivering a new support package to Ukraine, which includes air defense systems worth around 1 billion euros ($1.06 billion), the German Defense Ministry announced on Oct. 10.

The package includes an additional Patriot air defense system, which Germany pledged on Oct. 5 it would provide to Kyiv. IRIS-T and Gepard systems are also included.

The air defense systems will help Ukraine better protect its critical infrastructure as winter approaches, the ministry said.

On Oct. 8, the Ukrainian Air Force warned that Russia will likely launch a record number of drones against Ukraine as it seeks to destroy the country’s energy infrastructure.

Moscow attempted such a strategy during the fall and winter of 2022-2023, which led to frequent blackouts and a lack of heating across the country.

Germany is additionally providing a “comprehensive support package” for the Ukrainian special forces that consists of vehicles, weapons, and equipment worth over 20 million euros ($21.2 million), Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said.

The ministry added that the delivery of ammunition to Ukraine is also ongoing.

“Germany will continue to support Ukraine with what it needs most – with air defense, ammunition and tanks,” Pistorius said.

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