June 23, 2024

Germany plans to supply Ukraine with additional air defence systems to help cover grain cargoes from potential Russian attacks.

Source: European Pravda with reference to Bloomberg sources

Details: According to Bloomberg sources, Germany will send to Ukraine an additional IRIS-T air defence system (it is not specified whether it’s a short range or a medium range system) and “more than a dozen” Gepard anti-aircraft guns.

These air defence systems, which should arrive in Ukraine by the end of the year, will provide cover for grain cargoes heading to Romania along the southern coast of Ukraine.

Germany will transfer additional IRIS-T systems to Ukraine after they are built, Bloomberg notes.

In August, Ukraine announced the creation of its own route for transporting agricultural products on the Black Sea amidst the Russian blockade, prompted by the Russian withdrawal from the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

In recent weeks, 12 ships have come along this route, but this is a small number compared to the movement through the grain corridor, which functioned under the grain agreement with the support of the UN and Türkiye.

Lithuania and Croatia have already offered their ports to help Ukraine with exports. Greece has also offered its ports in the Aegean Sea as another corridor for Ukrainian grain exports in the face of the Black Sea blockade.

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