April 19, 2024

How many years has Joe Biden told us a ton of malarkey that he never spoke about business with his son? 

After so much evidence came out that they no longer could deny it, the White House then made an Orwellian transposition, claiming they’d always said Biden was never “in business” with his son, which wasn’t what he said. In any event, evidence shoots down both of those claims.


We reported on new information about a breakfast meeting with Joe and Hunter Biden, as well as two of his business associates. One of the associates was trying to get a favor from Joe, while Hunter and Devon were trying to have that business associate work with Burisma. 

Now, the House Oversight GOP has dropped a new video. The video shows Newsmax’s Greg Kelly commenting on a C-Span video from April 22, 2005, of Joe and Hunter Biden in attendance at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner thrown by the South Carolina Democratic Party. 

At such events most politicians, if they bring anyone, it’s their spouse. But Joe Biden, the keynote speaker at the dinner, took along Hunter. Gee, three guesses as to why. Joe Biden works the room and introduces Hunter to various people. The whole C-Span video is remarkable for how much Joe Biden has deteriorated since then; it’s marked. He’s working the whole room, completely coherent the whole time, if a bit pandering and garrulous. But still not weird and inappropriate like he has become now. It’s almost sad, when you realize what he once was and what he is now. 


In the clip, Joe and Hunter are talking with two people who appear to be a husband and a wife. Joe says, “Maybe we can work something out.” 

“Yeah, yeah, that is what we will do,” the woman responds. 

The man said, “Hunter was just telling me about his law firm in Washington, his law firm.”

“Yeah,” Joe acknowledges him. 

“Do you have a card by any chance?” the man queried Hunter. Then he offers to give Hunter his card. 

Hunter claims he gave all his cards away. Guess having Daddy working the room for him was very successful. 

Then Hunter and the man go off to the side to talk business while Joe, having made the critical connection for Hunter, continues to speak to the wife about pleasantries. 

“Watch the men step away separately to conduct business,” Kelly explained. “That’s how it worked!” “Circumstantial but devastating,” Kelly termed it. 

Now, we don’t know what came out of that interaction. We can’t tell what they are talking about, as Joe and the woman were smooze-talking over them.

But the meeting and the business discussion couldn’t have happened without Joe Biden. As Kelly said, you can see how it works seamlessly, with Joe making the connection for Hunter. How many times did it happen that day? And how many times since then has it happened, with all the different business associates? 


This is what the Biden team would doubtless spin as talking about “the weather.” 

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