June 23, 2024

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed three anti-gun bills into law on Tuesday, marking the end of the “sanity” period when he vetoed AB957, an anti-parental rights bill. Newsom signed SB 2, the state’s second attempt at their “Bruen Response Bill,” AB 28, the gun tax bill, and SB 452, the microstamping bill. All these bills, according to Newsom, will lower gun crime and or deaths, as is their standard language for passing and signing bills like these. 


SB 2, as RedState previously reported when it passed out of the Assembly a few weeks ago, will essentially eliminate an individual’s God-given right to self-defense by restricting where one can carry a firearm, as well as make it even harder to obtain a concealed carry permit. 

 …SB2 is back and it’s as bad as it can get. 

Portantino’s measure includes more than two dozen “sensitive places” where concealed firearms would not be allowed, such as daycare centers and schools, bars, college campuses, government buildings, medical facilities, parks and playgrounds and on public transit. The bill would also make commercial businesses automatically gun-free zones unless the owner explicitly indicates otherwise.

The bill also maintains rigorous application requirements for licensing authorities, mainly county sheriffs, to determine whether someone is a “disqualified person” from obtaining a permit, a term that opponents of SB 2 see as another subjective term that wouldn’t pass constitutional muster.

The protocol includes conducting in-person interviews, obtaining character references and reviewing social media and other publicly available statements to identify safety risks. The bill requires an applicant to be 21, the same age required to buy a handgun, and bolsters training and safe storage rules.

When you read the text of the bill, the author, State Sen. Anthony Portantino (D-Burbank) makes it painfully clear that his bill would make it almost impossible for one to legally carry a firearm, let alone obtain a permit. 


Not to be outdone, AB 28 will put in place an excise tax of 11 percent on all firearm and ammunition sales, which would increase the price of guns and ammo across the state. California is now the only state in the nation that has added an excise tax on firearms and ammunition on top of the existing 10-11 percent federal excise tax on firearms and ammunition. The tax, when implemented would be directed at firearms and ammunition dealers that have over $5,000 in sales over a three-month period, and it would not apply to members of law enforcement, even if they are retired. 

Funds generated from this tax scam are allegedly going to be directed to public schools to pay for campus safety programs, as well as a grant fund that will target youth and gang prevention programs. However, there was no safety mechanism in place in the bill that required any monies generated after the first $125 million to be spent. 

The law says the first $75 million of that money must go to the California Violence Intervention and Prevention Grant Program. The program has funded projects targeting young people in gangs, including sports programs, life coaching and tattoo removal.

The next $50 million would go to the State Department of Education to boost security at public schools. That includes things like physical security improvements, safety assessments, after-school programs for at-risk students and mental and behavioral health services for students, teachers and other school employees.

Finally, we have the latest bill, SB 452, which would require any semi-automatic pistol sold in the state after January 1, 2028, to be fitted with technology that would imprint the firearm’s serial number on every shell casing when fired. The law signed by Newsom today is not a new one, as California Democrats passed a very similar law, AB 1471, in 2007 that addressed the same thing. The problem with both laws is that the technology and or capability for firearms to perform said action does not exist. Furthermore, with California’s law, commonly referred to as the “Safe Handgun Roster,” handguns that do not meet the state’s standards for safety are banned from being sold in the state. Unless, of course, you are active or retired law enforcement. 


There have been several lawsuits against this law previously due to the inability of firearms manufacturers — in the past and currently — to install said micro-stamping abilities on semiautomatic handguns. This created an issue that is already a sore spot for Newsom with the so-called safe handgun roster. Earlier this year in March, Judge Cormac Carney of the United States District Court for the Central District of California ruled that the roster was unconstitutional on its face.

…the California Unsafe Handgun Act’s provisions requiring certain handguns to have a chamber load indicator, a magazine disconnect mechanism, and microstamping capability are unconstitutional.

There is a common thread here with these bills that continues to show itself, which is Newsom and his party of radical Democrats have absolutely no idea what they are doing, and they show a disgusting amount of hatred and misunderstanding of the Second Amendment.  

…the Second Amendment wasn’t about hunting, it wasn’t about sport shooting; it was literally about the God-given right of the individual to own and carry weapons of war to protect themselves and their property from a tyrannical government. The rights are given to us by our creator, NOT by the Federal government, not by any body of government. It was given to us as part of the checks and balances our Founders spoke about. We, as Americans, are the only people on Earth who have that right, that power. But the more time goes on, the more Americans are lied to by elitists like Biden, Harris, and countless others, who say we are being overly paranoid and that we are the problem. We are the ones that need to disarm for the common good. 

Our rights do not give a damn about your feelings. Americans need to finally come to terms with that fact and stop capitulating our rights to a corrupt and power-hungry government. We have a fundamental problem in this country, when the nation that our Founders founded with the blood and sweat of their friends and families is being relegated to the dustbins of history. Our politicians have abdicated their responsibilities to the courts, and we, as voters, have abdicated our rights and responsibilities to the politicians. Make no mistake about this: the left will never stop when it comes to guns. They will always find something else to take away. 


California leads the nation in gun control, but it also leads in another statistic that Newsom does not like to talk about: mass shootings. In fact, according to the left’s favorite source for gun crimes and more, The Gun Violence Archive, says that California experiences a mass shooting every eight days. But you never hear that stat because it destroys not one but two of the left’s narratives. One is that California is a safer state when it comes to guns, and the other is that these gun laws will stop mass shootings. 

The fascination by Newsom and the left when it comes to firearms is not only dangerous to the very people he says he cares about, but it flies against the face of the Constitution. Newsom and his Attorney General, Rob Bonta, know very little when it comes to the Constitution, and it shows. Thankfully, their tyranny is not going unchecked, as several groups have filed suit against the state for these laws and more. 

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