May 25, 2024

I have always said that there is a fine line between feminism and femininity. Tuesday night proved no exception. It was Super Tuesday, and watching the results called before the polls were even closed was no surprise.



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I had a discussion Monday wherein the other party stated he would not vote for former President Trump because he has three women in the house. Yes, I know Donald’s mouth gets him into trouble. He knows it. Everybody knows it — unless you have been living under a rock for the past seven years and have no clue.

As a close friend of the family and successful businessman once told my husband, “Sometimes you just have to be an a**hole to get the job done.”  ✓Trump 

The United States of America is no different. We’ve sat far too long in squalor. Literally. Tent cities litter our streets along with feces and rotting food. Police banned from such areas, and squatters kicking out homeowners on bizarre technicalities. The housing market is about to crash, nobody can afford to buy a car anymore, it took an entire population of “Swifties” to bring down egg prices, and our youth have no idea what bathroom they should be using anymore. Needless to say, it is a sad state of affairs. Say what you will about President Trump; this did not take place — nor would it ever have taken place — on his watch.

He may be rough to the palate, but that no-nonsense demeanor earned respect and a healthy fear for both the man and the country around the world.


Enter Nikki Haley, former Governor of South Carolina and U.N. Ambassador. Haley has never lost a race and insisted she did not plan to now. She hit the ground running, playing with the big boys. The problem is she tried too hard. As a female POTUS, we are looking for a strong woman, but the right woman, not a bully. Haley’s antics and near tantrums have soured the taste for her as leader of the free world. She has been attempting to outdo President Trump, which further mucks up the waters for those who tend to be mouthy in the first place.

Too many times, America has seen a strong candidate drop out of the race and retreat into a silent hole. This is not the time for that. America needs leadership, a sharp business mind, and a reputation that creates a healthy state of affairs with U.S. adversaries.

Haley walked a delicate line, and with one misstep, it was game over for the POTUS hopeful. For many voters, it was already too late. Her over-aggressiveness and mange-ridden outbursts have already done enough damage she may never recover from. Americans want results, not big talk and a pretty face. 

For those wanting their first female president, it will have to be a perfect storm of strength, strategy, and maternal instinct to bring Americans to a stage where they feel comfortable with that notion. That nurturing instinct a mother brings to a child is key in this. America is hurting so badly right now — we need comfort and grace. Haley missed the mark in both attacking and trying to outdo Trump. Haley crossed the line and tossed that femininity to the side in order to appear stronger than her competition. That is simply not possible to walk back.


We now see where pieces have set in on Wednesday. Her bridges are burnt. She went too far, and it just cost her everything.


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Jen Ennenbach is a Christian, wife, and mother of two whom she homeschooled. She has been active in US politics since 2009, when she became the media liaison for the St. Louis Tea Party. She later went on to run a podcast as well as assisting on campaigns in the general elections. She is currently a board member of America First – MO.

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