May 19, 2024

Woke leftists, their Democrat allies, and their apologists in the mainstream media are fond of telling people that anytime a sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate book is made off-limits to students under certain ages in a public school setting that the book has been “banned.”


We’ve seen it said countless times, including by both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, as well as “First Educator” Jill Biden, who made the following declaration in a 2022 interview with NBC News:

“All books should be in the library. All books. This is America. We don’t ban books.”

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It is, of course, a false claim considering the books are still available in a multitude of other ways to people of age. Nevertheless, it’s a red meat rallying cry that stirs up the masses and spurs some of them into taking action.

One such group that took action in the midst of the various non-existent book “ban” nontroversies was a trio of woke entertainers and activists who started an online bookstore called “Allstora,” which was officially launched on March 4th.

Drag actor Adam Powell, drag queen/TV personality RuPaul Charles, and “queer historian”/author Eric Cervini came up with the idea of the bookstore with the LGBTQ reader in mind, according to the press release:

The company’s mission is “to protect, promote, and empower all storytellers through an equitable compensation model and to uplift the voices of underrepresented groups, including LGBTQ+ people, women, and communities of color.”

Interestingly enough, their FAQ page as of last Wednesday noted that they would “carry all books,” even the ones that their reader base might find “offensive” (read: anything even mildly critical of the LGBTQ movement). Here was their explainer at the time (archived page):


Do you really sell all books? Even offensive ones? 

At Allstora, we believe that the censorship of any book, perspective, or story is incompatible with the survival of democracy. We cannot fight the ideologies of hate if we lack the ability to study, understand, and react to them. 

For this reason, like university libraries and online book marketplaces across the world, Allstora has made the decision to carry all books. 

That said, we’re determined to mitigate the potential harm of specific books by 1) creating a community-led flagging system for titles that are contrary to our core values and 2) donating all proceeds from these titles…

Predictably, it didn’t take long for their Very Online Leftist audience to start using that red flag feature to voice complaints about books they were finding at the site. Among those included was a children’s book by Libs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichik, who is hated in the LGBTQ community because she exposes the more radical elements of the movement by reposting their TikTok content to Twitter/X.

The outrage, which was fueled in part by online LGBTQ “news” sites like The Advocate, was so intense that after initially only pulling select books like Raichik’s, Donald Trump’s, and a few others, Cervini profusely apologized and completely reversed course, announcing five days after the launch that they would be pulling many more allegedly “harmful” books as fast as they were notified of them:


I’m devastated that I’ve caused Ru’s name to be even loosely associated with hate, and I take full responsibility for the decision to include these books. I’m horrified by the thought of a queer or trans youth accidentally stumbling upon a harmful book on our platform. I confused my duties as an academic and a bookseller, and I brought pain instead of joy into the world. And for that, I am sorry.

In expanding our catalog, we lost what made so special: curation and community. Going forward, we are committed to re-centering these tenets. Our engineers have built a reader-based flagging system that will help us identify and remove the most harmful books. We’ve already removed the titles that visitors have called to our attention, and you can continue to report any instances of hateful material on our site.

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh’s books were also impacted:


In fairness, this is a privately owned bookstore in comparison to government-run public school libraries. Still, the irony and hypocrisy here cannot be denied. “Banning” as defined by the far left is okay as long as they’re the ones who are doing it. Got it.

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