May 20, 2024

Well, we got through that State of the Union speech somehow, readers. Hopefully, you were able to get some enjoyment out of the ordeal, by hanging out with our contributors and giving your two cents, too, while President Joe Biden spoke on Thursday evening.



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But in what could be considered a reward for slogging through Biden’s 107-minute tirade, next up was Senator Katie Britt (R-AL) to give the official, Republican rebuttal to Biden.

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As the senator spoke, Republicans and conservatives swiftly shared their thoughts on how she was doing on X. Conservative commentator Nick Adams didn’t hold back:

To many, it was crystal clear who Republicans were hoping to appeal to by choosing Britt:

Clay Travis from the “Clay and Buck” radio program agreed, devoting several posts to the topic:


He also called Britt “a  star,” adding that “the contrast between her and Biden is staggering”:

No idea how many are watching her from her Alabama kitchen right now, but the contrast between her and Biden is staggering. She’s half his age, ten times the communicator. She’s killing it.

One X user, pointing to the future, called this “growing the congregation”: 

This X user gave Britt some home state props, and like others, pointed to the stark contrast in tone with Biden:

There were also some mixed reviews from conservatives:


“The View” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin gave Sen. Britt praise for “her focus on the border, on the economy,” but admitted the kitchen setting threw her:

Jesse Kelly, on the other hand, wasn’t impressed with Britt’s demeanor: 

TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk also had trouble with the presentation:

But there was one more Republican who shared his thoughts on Sen. Britt’s performance, and thought she did a “great job”:


If you aren’t able to read former President Donald Trump’s post from Truth Social, it says:

Katie Britt was a GREAT contrast to an Angry, and obviously very Disturbed, “President.” She was compassionate and caring, especially concerning Women and Women’s Issues. Her conversation on Migrant Crime was powerful and insightful. Great job Katie!

Donald Trump Truth Social 11:30 PM EST 3/07/24

RedState will bring you more coverage on the SOTU, so stay tuned! 

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