June 25, 2024

Joe Biden and his team have been an unmitigated clown show when it comes to governance. We’ve seen failure after failure, from the economy to foreign policy. 


We’re in the middle of watching a big one right now with the war on Israel by Hamas. 

What was Joe Biden’s team saying a week ago? Let’s listen to National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan as he brags about trying to “depressurize,” “deescalate,” and ultimately  “integrate” the Middle East. “The Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades,” Sullivan claimed. 

This while Hamas was likely planning this attack, which he and the Biden administration totally missed. Talk about a statement that aged badly. What a clown show that they couldn’t pick up on such massive action. 

And “integrate” into what, a Middle East controlled by Iran? Maybe they should have been less concerned about integration and more about understanding the moves being made by the bad actors around the world in the face of the weakness of Joe Biden.

What were they thinking about? Making deals with one of those bad actors, Iran, and releasing $6 billion for their use for “food and medicine.” I reported on the clueless statement on this from Biden’s NSC spokesperson. Pro tip, guys? If Iran knows it can get food and medicine covered by this money, it frees up other money for nefarious actions. Plus, you signal to them that you’re open to dealing with them, and meanwhile, they’re chanting “Death to America” in your face. That’s just profoundly ignorant. 


But it’s the Biden team, so we’re talking about people who are wrong about everything.  

Not only was Sulivan wrong about the present, but once again, things were far better under former President Donald Trump a few years ago with the Abraham Accords and historic peace in the Middle East, rather than what the Biden administration has wrought. 

Plus, Sullivan has been involved in bad and/or wrong decisions and messaging for years now. Who can forget this golden nugget of disinformation, courtesy of Hillary Clinton and Sullivan? 

There was also the complete failure when it came to the fall of Afghanistan. 

Sullivan should be fired for such monumental failures. But he won’t be. Because it’s the Biden team where no one is held accountable and the failure flows down from the top. Just one more reason that the Democrats have to be voted out so that their failures can no longer so harm our interests as well as the peace of the world. The utter incompetence is scary and dangerous. 


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